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Car Branding


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Dubai has become synonymous with extravagant displays of wealth and status. Drive down Sheikh Zayed road, and your eyes can’t help but drift towards the never-ending parade of uber-luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley. In a city filled with supercars vying for attention, it’s difficult for businesses to make their fleet stand out. That’s where professional car branding and wraps come into play.

Types of Car Branding

Branding allows companies throughout Dubai to transform their vehicles into rolling billboards to showcase their brand. Brands can grab attention on crowded Dubai highways through meticulously designed graphics like partial wraps, window decals, striping, lettering, and more. We offer diverse customizable branding solutions:

Full Car Wraps

Fully wrapped cars featuring reflective vinyl materials printed with custom graphics that blanket the entire vehicle are popular. This eye-catching style transforms cars into a moving billboard promoting your brand everywhere they go.

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps apply custom graphics on specific sections of cars like the front hood, rear, doors, roof, or trunk. Concentrating visuals on key spots allows flexibility to highlight branding elements you want to get noticed at high speeds. Partial wraps also tend to cost less than full-body applications.

Window Graphics

Many companies use window decals to display important graphics, messages, or logos on car windows without obstructing the driver’s vision. Back windshield graphics catch attention while keeping Dubai’s front windshield graphics regulations in mind.

Stripes and Graphics

Adding vinyl stripes or shapes on cars can help them stand out while complementing brand colors. For example, landscaping companies could apply green vine detail stripes across their fleet.

Lettering and Logos

Branded lettering and logos on cars offer affordable and customizable options for consistent branding. For example, displaying your company name prominently in your signature fonts and colors makes identification easy. A logo on car can improve your marketing strategy.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic car signs quickly attach to the driver and passenger doors to display temporary messages. Since you can swap out magnetic signs, they allow versatile, adjustable mobile advertising.

Benefits of Car Branding

Like paint protection film and window tinting, Investing in car branding and wraps for your company cars or fleets provides advantages:

  • Non-Stop Advertising: Turn each vehicle into a 24/7 mobile billboard as employees drive
  • Standing Out: Catch eyes and leave lasting brand impressions on busy roads
  • Brand Identity: Enable easy visual association between your branded graphics and company name
  • Fully Customizable: Tailor wraps to reflect your precise brand image, style, messaging, colors, and industry
  • Cost Effective: Less expensive than many traditional long-term advertising methods to reach local audiences

Car branding provides a customizable way to subtly promote your brand on daily commutes or hammer home visual association through hard-to-miss messaging. Either way, wrapping cars with purposeful graphics makes an impact.

Factors to Consider for Car Branding

  • Climate: Any wraps, decals, or graphics applied have to withstand Dubai’s blazing heat and sun exposure without damage or fading
  • Local Regulations: Ensure branding stays within rules like percentage area limits, banned locations, front license laws
  • Reputable Companies: Only experienced licensed wrap companies in Dubai carry materials meeting official standards
  • High-Speed Design: Emphasize eye-catching large logos and text
  • Cost Savings: Whether looking to wrap an entire fleet or partial branding for one demonstrator car, volume projects offer economies of scale

If you want to advertise your brand on the roads of Dubai, you can get a good quality car wrap designed by professional companies like Car Wrapping Dubai. This way, you can ensure that your car wrap is eye-catching and meets all the necessary regulations.

Popular Car Branding Trends

Some top car branding styles resonating in Dubai include

Luxury Look and Feel

Reflecting core cultural values like refinement, exclusivity, and aspiration tends to connect with Dubai consumers. Imagine a company that designs beautiful homes. They could put a picture of one of their luxury apartment buildings on their advertising materials to show people they are experts in creating high-end living spaces. Improving the look of you car requires other services, such as car detailing and painting details.

Sophisticated Textures and Colors

Wraps mimicking premium textures like carbon fiber, brushed steel, or hammered metal paired with the elegant color palettes project sophistication fitting Dubai’s high society landscape. Blacked-out chrome wraps also continue gaining traction.

Quality and Eye-Catching Graphics

One trend that aligns perfectly with Dubai’s “go big or go home” aesthetic is using full print wraps to display incredible photos or illustrations. These wraps utterly transform otherwise mundane cars into showstopping works of art that are impossible to ignore. Whether it’s a sleek sports car or a family sedan, a full print wrap can give any vehicle a unique and personalized look that is sure to turn heads on the streets.

Aspirational Messaging

Incorporating text aligned to values like ambition, achievement, and prosperity in English or Arabic resonates with regional cultural themes prioritizing success and status.

Costs for Car Branding

What business owners can expect to budget for professional Dubai car branding projects depends on factors like:

  • Wrap coverage area – full, partial, or accent graphic details
  • Amount of custom graphic design time involved
  • The overall number of fleet vehicles getting wrapped
  • Complexity factors like intricate detailing or wrapping over intricate curved surfaces
  • Types and quality level of vinyl graphic materials used


No special permits are required, but the branding company should have proper licensing. Ensure the designs meet regulations like percentage area limits on wraps.

Top-tier vinyl wraps applied by reputable companies can reliably last 5-7 years in Dubai’s climate. Ceramic coatings also help protect from UV damage.

Well-applied quality wraps don’t impact resale value. They peel off cleanly without affecting the car paint if you remove them when reselling.

Yes, take care to avoid imagery or messages that may be seen as insensitive or inappropriate. Fines are rare but possible.

Avoid machine polishers. Beyond that, use common car cleaning methods but ensure pH-balanced soaps. Inspect yearly for any warpings or lifted edges. Reapplication may eventually be needed.