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Car Wash


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We are car cash and care experts dedicated to safely restoring your vehicle’s showroom shine both inside and out. Our professional detailers pamper your car, truck, or SUV using top-quality products, equipment, and techniques to lift away built-up contaminants without damage.
Gentle hand washing preserves delicate paintwork’s integrity so it gleams like new again. Plus, our eco-friendly car wash process responsibly conserves water and energy resources. Customize from basic express washes to full-service detailing packages with:

  • High-pressure power washing
  • Hand waxing and buffing
  • Headlight restoration
  • Engine bay degreasing
  • Odor removal
  • Upholstery scrubbing
  • Protective ceramic coatings

Why Professional Car Wash

Cobra Car Wrapping Dubai specializes in making vehicles gleam inside and out. Our auto care experts properly clean every inch of your car using quality tools and eco-friendly products. We

  • Protect the Paint’s Integrity
  • Extend Your Car’s Mechanical Life
  • Remove Hidden Grime

Protect the Paint’s Integrity

The automated wash systems many people rely on can harm exterior paintwork and finishes. Our hand car wash service gently lifts dirt away while sealing and keeping the integrity of your car’s paint with a bright shine.

Extend Mechanical Life

Letting lots of mud and grime gather promotes rust and wears down parts over time. Regular washing protects important parts so your vehicle runs well for years.

Remove Hidden Grime

Clean wheels, wells, and door jambs now prevent bigger repair bills later. DIY washing often misses these hidden areas, allowing harmful contaminants to linger. Our experts use specialty tools to remove grime throughout the chassis that most people cannot reach.

Full-Service Options

Our professional team tailors the car cleaning to your automobile’s special needs.

Exterior Washing Services

Our car wash services range from fast cleanings between standard details to top-tier paint improvement and ceramic protection packages.
Basic Wash: This targeted washing tackles the heaviest dirtying with non-harming detergents to bring back exterior shine between deeper cleanings. Perfect for off-roaders or daily drivers gathering high grime levels.
Showroom Shine: We can clean and polish your car from top to bottom, making it look like new again. This is especially good for older cars that need a little extra TLC.

Interior Washing Services

Car interior cleaning joins exterior washing to fully refresh the passenger space, while regular maintenance can keep your vehicle looking and smelling fresh for years to come.
Odor Removal: Smoke smells, and stubborn pet odors are no match for our professional-grade deodorizers and disinfectants. We steam-clean fabric surfaces and safely treat HVAC systems at the source for fresh air flow.
Stain Removal: Over time, spills can damage the appearance of upholstery. Our cleaners effectively remove tough stains from seats, carpets, and trim parts to restore their original look.

Protective Services

Our professional team goes beyond washing and waxing exteriors. We also apply protective barrier films to preserve paint.

Ceramic Coating

This special coating sticks to paint and helps water and mud slide off easily. It also protects against scratches and sun damage, and makes cleaning your car simpler.

Paint Protection Film

We offer state-of-the-art paint protection film (PPF) services. Clear thermoplastic urethane layers shield vulnerable front-end and wheel flare areas from stone chips and road debris damage. We expertly fit the puncture-resistant film for discreet protection that preserves flawless paint.

Wheel Detailing

Wheels endure substantial abuse from traction, braking, and road contaminants. Let our technicians thoroughly clean and seal yours to maintain structural integrity and eye-catching appeal. We safely decontaminate each wheel’s surface and barrel with intensive cleaners before applying spray-on protectants. These high-temp hydrophobic sealers withstand extreme heat from braking for extended durability and ease future brake dust clean-up.
Multiple layers of polymer coatings also defend sensitive wheel finishes from chemical stains and environmental damage. Your custom rims or delicate factory alloys stay brilliantly shiny thanks to our professional caliber wheel detailing capabilities.

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

Our water reclamation systems recycle 70% of all supply for our facilities. This conservation helps keep this precious natural resource in Dubai’s arid climate. We only use plant-based cleaners with minimum Volatile Organic Compound levels to protect local air quality.
With one of the greenest car wash processes available, motorists can keep cars shining while reducing environmental impacts.

Contact Your Nearest Car Wash Today

Refreshing your car’s look and protecting its performance no longer requires getting your hands dirty or using harsh chemicals in the driveway. Cobra Car Wrapping Dubai simplifies keeping your vehicle looking fantastic.
Call to schedule affordable car wash near me services from our qualified detail technicians conveniently located around Dubai. We provide fast turnarounds so you can enjoy rides in a clean automobile regardless of your busy schedule.


Our touchless automatic and hand wash methods are extremely gentle to prevent paint damage from harsh brushes or scrubbing. We use microfiber mitts, sheepskin wash pads, and pH-neutral cleaners to safely lift dirt while sealing and protecting the paint.

Yes, we thoroughly vacuum interiors, steam clean upholstery, shampoo floor mats, apply protectants to vinyl and leather and perform odor removal. These services restore your cabin to like-new freshness.

The total time varies based on the services chosen. A basic exterior wash usually takes about 20-30 minutes. More in-depth details, including interior and exterior cleaning, generally range from 45-90 minutes. We allow for efficient drying time to prevent water spotting.

Yes, thorough engine bay degreasing and steaming is available as an add-on service with all details. We safely remove built-up grime from components with specialist degreasers and rinse all residues without damaging electronics. It keeps the engine running cool and clean.

As long as our schedule permits, you can absolutely get same-day car cleaning service by calling ahead or booking a mobile wash appointment online. Our flexible booking makes maintaining your car’s appearance convenient.

Yes, waxing coats the clearcoat paint layer with protective polymers that sheet away water, dirt, and other contaminants that can erode the finish over time. Wax fills in micro scratches as well, adding shine. Basic washing cleans but does not leave lasting protection.